My Itinerary

A lot of people have asked me when and where I will be on this trip, so I figured I’d lay it out for everyone, so you can keep tabs on where I am/will be. So here it is…

Sunday Dec. 23rd – leave Vermont, drive to Boston

Thursday Dec. 27th – leave Boston, bus to NYC

Friday Dec. 28th – 1pm flight from JFK to Istanbul

Dec. 29th – Jan. 1st – Istanbul

Jan. 1st – Jan. 3rd – travel east through Turey

Jan. 4th-8th – Iraqi Kurdistan – Zakho – Duhok – Arbil – and possibly Sulaymaniyah

Jan. 8th – Fly from Arbil to Ankara, Turkey, bus to Istanbul

Jan. 9th – Fly from Istanbul to Nairobi

Jan. 10th – Land in Nairobi, transfer flights and fly to Kisumu, Kenya, taxi/ferry to Mfangano Island

Jan. 10th – Feb. 6th(ish) – Mfangano Island

Feb. 6th(ish) – Bus to Jinja or Kampala, Uganda

Feb. 8th – Bus to Kigali, Rwanda

Feb. 8th-10th – Kigali, Rwanda

Feb. 11th – March 1st – Bike tour around Rwanda, rough route is leave from Kigali, ride south toward Butare, then west through Nyungwe National Forest, then North following the Congo-Nile Trail along Lake Kivu to Rubavu, then onward to Volcano’s National Park, then either back to Kigali, Rwanda, or through Uganda to Kampala, and bus back to Nairobi. There is lots of room for variation and expansion in this route.

March 6th – Fly from Nairobi back to JFK

We’ll see how much I stick to this, but it’s the plan for now!


One thought on “My Itinerary

  1. Hi Derek, sounds like you’re on a great adventure 🙂 !
    Do you plan on using CouchSurfing? I’ve got personal experience from both Turkey (west/east/etc) and Iraq, and can really recommend couchsurfing. The only part about your amazing itinerary that puzzles me is the insane speed you must travel through Turkey, from Istanbul to Silopi. Turkey is an amazing, large country and is worth staying a week extra in. Hope you’ll have a great experience!

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