New Years Day in Istanbul

New Years Day in Istanbul

So much has happened since I’ve arrived in Istanbul a couple days ago, and I haven’t had much time to spend at the computer, but I am working on a first video update… here’s a brief summary

-leave Brooklyn at 10am on the 28th
-arrive in Istanbul at 6am on the 29th
-drag all of my bags through the subway and onto a ferry to cross the Bosphorus and get to Dogan’s place
-sleep all day
-stay up all night
-check out the European old city, including the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, hagia Sophia and the Galata tower
-ate cig kofte – which means “raw meatballs” but it’s made out of wheat in a tomato paste and you can get it almost anywhere on the street
-went to a show and saw my friends play in their bands Lecture and Neglected, very awesome
-spoke with people about the Kurdish population and issues in Turkey
-visited a market in Tarlabasi, which is a minority neighborhood made up of mostly Kurds but also some Armenians and Romani’s and more.
-saw PKK tags and buildings that looked like they’d been bombed
-found a vegan restaurant with veggie burgers that were cooked into “tater tarts” instead of on buns and had a vegan brownie
-hung out in turkish cafe’s drinking tea and talking with a bunch of different people about all kinds of things
-took in the new year on the Asian side of Istanbul by the water
-took some scary taxi/minibus rides
-stayed up until 5am every night

I’m about to go meet my friends for one more dinner before we catch a bus at 9:30pm that goes to Cappadocia. Istanbul has been awesome but definitely ready to head east and see more of Turkey and Northern Iraq. More in a few days or when I have internet access.


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