Mfangano, Kisumu, Mfangano

This guy asked me to take his picture, then proceeded to wag his finger at me. I took it anyway.

 photo IMG_6584_zpsa0373251.jpg
Bicycle in Kisumu, Kenya

As part of my time working with Tillen and getting the shop organized, I thought it would be a good idea to take a trip to the nearest real city here in Kenya, Kisumu. The point of the trip would be to visit a couple bike shops and make connections and figure out what parts were available that might be useful to us. We left Thursday morning, spent the night in Kisumu and headed back Friday afternoon.

First we took a ferry from Mfangano to Mbita, and then another ferry from Mbita to Luanda, and finally a matatu the rest of the way to Kisumu. We spent the day walking around going to different bike shops, and hardware stores finding tools and spare parts that we needed. I also got to eat at an all vegetarian indian restaurant and stock up on some spices from the super market. I didn’t feel totally safe pulling my camera out everywhere we went, but i snapped a few pictures when we got there and before we left.

 photo IMG_6605_zpsa563779a.jpg

We stayed at place called the Duke of Breeze, which had a roof top restaurant and an incredible view of the sunset over lake victoria. However, my camera was down in my room and turns out the sun sets pretty fast on the equator, so by the time I could get my camera it was gone. Somehow during the night about a dozen mosquitos made their way into my mosquito net and had an all-night feast and I woke up covered in bites from my elbows down to my fingers and a few on my legs as well. I’ve never been bit this bad in my life. Tillen, who I was sharing a room with got only one bite.

Overall though the trip was a success, we made some good connections, found some parts that we really needed, and I think Tillen and the shop crew will be able to better service the existing bicycles on the island. When we got back the workbench was just about finished as well, so it’s nice to see some progress and things moving forward.

Here’s some pictures…

 photo IMG_6455_zps346a40bb.jpg
The ferry docked at Mfangano at sunrise

 photo IMG_6459_zps8cd503cf.jpg
The beach in Sena on Mfangano before we boarded the ferry

 photo IMG_6499_zpsfb401f8c.jpg
Fishermen in Sena

 photo IMG_6518_zpsefea4d4a.jpg
Tillen on the ferry

 photo IMG_6531_zps520f91f3.jpg
A wooden boat like the one I took to Mfangano the first time

 photo IMG_6545_zps299d8118.jpg

 photo IMG_6551_zps24fbf71b.jpg

 photo IMG_6590_zps3a9cb164.jpg
Our driver

 photo IMG_6595_zps2ca6a91b.jpg

 photo IMG_6600_zps803575d7.jpg
Most of the transportation companies have ridiculous names

 photo IMG_6647_zps00a06f9c.jpg

 photo IMG_6651_zps7e77aa8c.jpg

 photo IMG_6652_zps72e815a2.jpg

 photo IMG_6683_zpse7c6ec68.jpg

 photo IMG_6604_zps741db4c0.jpg

 photo IMG_6612_zpsc5d7610b.jpg

 photo IMG_6618_zpsfb7542bc.jpg

 photo IMG_6667_zps7c954286.jpg

 photo IMG_6677_zps3cff8799.jpg

 photo IMG_6686_zps7756f658.jpg

 photo IMG_6688_zps8d7bd8f5.jpg

 photo IMG_6693_zps57888164.jpg

 photo IMG_6694_zpsabaa3479.jpg

 photo IMG_6699_zps2585f248.jpg

 photo IMG_6703_zpsc9ffbe30.jpg

 photo IMG_6727_zpsfd28b52c.jpg

 photo IMG_6761_zps8e8b98d0.jpg

 photo IMG_6769_zpsfb64c2ce.jpg

 photo IMG_6784_zps1bf2f222.jpg
This guy also asked me to take his picture

 photo IMG_6799_zpse655fbc8.jpg
The guy on the right’s name was Ken and his dad is a witch doctor. He wants me to come to his house and take pictures… for a fee

 photo IMG_6800_zps0e2bd270.jpg

 photo IMG_6804_zps727e9bd7.jpg

 photo IMG_6816_zps4f3f355e.jpg

 photo IMG_6820_zps2801165a.jpg
Everyone wanted their picture taken


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