Video Update #4 – Kurdistan, Iraq

The drive from Diyarbakir to Iraqi Kurdistan was one of the more memorable bus rides I’ve ever taken. We sat right in the front of the bus and rolled through mountain passes and by roman ruins including Hasankeyf, which dates back to 1800BC, before getting to the border just after dark. Some fellow passengers were kind enough to help us with the border process, translating and making it easy to figure out where to go and what to do. The whole process was relatively easy and I got a stamp saying my visa was good for fifteen days in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. This was more than the ten days I expected, unfortunately we only had five.

The rest of this video is of Duhok and Arbil Iraq. In Arbil we walked around the citadel and explored the bicycle market, where I talked to a few shop owners and kids before missing my plane and getting stuck there an extra day.


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