Off to Ghana

I’m packed and ready to leave for Ghana.  Got my Visa and passport just in time, have my curriculum and camera ready, and am overall feeling excited and confident that this trip is going to go really well.  In an hour or so I’m heading over to the Bikes Not Bombs world headquarters and taking off from there.

My first stop will be JFK for a layover before an overnight flight to Accra where I’ll be meeting  a guy named Jason Finch.  Jason works for the Village Bicycle Project and has been living in Ghana for the last four years or so.  He’ll help me get oriented and I’ll spend my first day in Accra.  Wednesday I plan to travel to Koforidua, where Ability Bikes is, and spend the majority of my time there.  From what David has told me, and what I’ve seen through videos, it seems that AB is a pretty smooth functioning, well organized shop already, and it will be really interesting to see how it compares to Kenya.

In addition to the mechanics training, and documenting, I’ll also be doing a training on how to document the project themselves, and hopefully teaching a couple of them to use the camera they have, and get photos up on the internet.

Okay, feeling a bit scatter brained, getting ready to go.  See ya Boston!


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