Portraits of Koforidua

Over the ten or eleven days I spent in Koforidua I did a lot. I worked at the Ability Bikes Bike shop almost every day, working closely with the worker-owners, and getting to know customers. I spent a day at Jackson Park watching the members of Ability Bikes play wheel chair basketball. I rode my bike to the top of closest mountain, and rode to Akaa waterfalls with Adjen. I explored the local markets, met shop owners and other bicycle mechanics. I walked around the neighborhood where I was staying, and traveled to a local farm to see how bicycles were used there. I was able to snap a few hundred photos along the way, here’s a few of my favorites.

IMG_6468Muntari, a local bike mechanic in Koforidua stands in front of his shop.

IMG_6658“Go and change your mind about the police.” Yeah, right.

IMG_6612Dorothy in Jackson Park wearing a Sex Pistols shirt.

Bridget in Jackson Park.

IMG_6540A view from an abandoned theater.

IMG_6513Sule puts a three speed hub back together.

IMG_6504Miriam with her son.

IMG_6490Miriam with her son.

IMG_6489A small truck in the parking lot behind Ability Bikes.

IMG_6477Sule takes a break at the shop.

IMG_6458Richmond, an Ability Bikes customer poses with his bicycle.

IMG_6351A customer poses with a new bike he purchased to use on his farm.


Sarah relaxes in front of the mechanics area at Ability Bikes


Adjen works on a customers bicycle.


Tools at Julius’ bench.


Julius’ bench.


Benjamin helps a mechanic fix a puncture I got on my way to work.

Julius trues a wheel.


Adjen fixes a wheel.

IMG_4975“Teacher,” an AB customer shows me around his farm.

IMG_4885Adjen on a training ride.


Akaa falls outside of Koforidua.

Richard poses in front of the sunset in the Two Streams neighborhood.

IMG_4300Adjen in Jackson Park.

IMG_4292Playing wheelchair basketball in Jackson Park.

IMG_3643“Manpower” poses for a photo after building a stand for Ability Bikes.


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