Surly ECR & a Winter Ride Around Boston

As you probably know, we’ve had a pretty insane winter here in Boston this year.  Four major storms in four weeks have kept me busy shoveling in most of my free time, but this weekend I actually had a day off and went out for a ride around some of the parks in Boston.  My co-worker Matt came with me and we were both surprised by network of groomed and rideable trails through Franklin Park and Olmsted Park in Jamaica Plain.  My new Surly ECR has been a serious advantage this year, making my 8 mile a day commute a breeze despite the weather.  It was nice to finally be able to take it out on a sunny winter day where snow conditions were solid.  Although it’s not a true fat bike, the 3″ tires mounted to Velocity Blunt 35mm rims gave me more than enough footprint to explore some winter single track.  Here’s some photos of Matt shredding the ECR.
IMG_9700 copy
IMG_9721 copy
IMG_9728 copy
IMG_9733 copy
IMG_9734 copy
IMG_9736 copy
IMG_9747 copy


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